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A Yiddish origin to the word "covfefe".

For those who are interested, the idea of "covfefe" comes from an old Yiddish tale about a foolish Sephardi rabbi who believed he was called to find and destroy the mythical and rare butterfly known as Benshariza, or "Lucifer butterfly"—a name that comes from "Helel ben Shahar," meaning "shining star" (see Isaiah 14:12; also see Ephesians 2:2, where Satan is called the "prince of the power of the air"). The rabbi claimed that the Benshariza was recognizable by a unique and disturbing pattern on its huge wings, which looked like the moon and star symbol of the god Ba'al-Hadad. He was convinced that this ominous creature housed "the spirit of Satan" and that if he could destroy it, he would free the world of evil. His search became an obsession, driving him across Europe to catch countless butterflies, but all he really caught were rounds of derision. His travels took him from Iberia to Bucharest, then up to Moscow, and fi…
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In Pakistan women rape victims are sentenced to death for adultery.

Pakistan - 19 year old woman sentenced to death for accusing her cousin of raping her at gunpoint. This report comes from Daily Mail.

She was tried in a tribal court, of course, and the rapist's father is on that court.

The court determined no action needed to be taken against the rapist.

The good news is the woman is on the run, and police in Rajanpur, Punjab, have issued arrest warrants for the elders and the alleged rapist.

Eurostan: Murder in Manchester

The French lined up on the streets of Paris on June 14, 1940, to welcome their new Nazi overlords. A similar scene is playing out in Europe, with the British, the French, the Belgians, the Norwegians, the Swedish, and the Germans under Chancellor Angela Merkel's direction to welcome the new Muslim overlords.

On May 22nd the Libyan Muslim Salman Ramadan Abedi (in the mainstream media he is referred to as "British") blew himself up, along with 139 concert goers at an Ariane Grande concert in the Manchester Arena. So many of them were children, and the youngest of the 23 dead was only 8 years old.

The story of the "radicalization" of the murderer is a familiar one, and involves attendance at a local mosque, and trips to Muslim countries like Libya, which President Trump warned was exporting terror, but which our 4th Circuit Court protected jihdists' rights to terrorize us over our right to be protected from terror. And the Internet is implicated, of course, bu…

Facebook and its suspiciously pro-terrorist "Community Standards" moderators.

I have a Newsketeer page on Facebook. Two weeks ago I posted a familiar picture of the crying little girl with the ISIS terrorist, with his arms wrapped around her, and in the background we see more ISIS terrorists seated at a table, with the ISIS flag hanging on the wall behind them. I wrote a comment that the picture broke my heart to see this crying girl, probably abducted by ISIS terrorists and conscripted into child marriage. She looks terrified. As reported by mostly Arab apologist sources, the girl was crying because she "lost a Quran reciting contest." She looks terrified, like she's afraid of what's coming. We've seen enough ISIS videos to know what they do. It's odd that Arabs will consistently claim ISIS is really Zionist or American, etc., but when the rubber hits the road, those same Arabs quickly apologize and explain away ISIS terrorist behavior to make it sound like there's nothing wrong with them. We even hear this implicit sympathy in Eu…