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Survival of the toughest Griffin vs OtterBox Galaxy S4 cases

Jared White,  http://www.puremobile.com
Published on April 30th, 2013
There are more than a few Galaxy S4 cases out there that claim to be the toughest. But not all cell phone accessories are created equal. And we can safely narrow things down to just a handful of carrying cases that live up to their claims of rugged durability. In fact, if you're really critical, only two names really stand up to all hype – Griffin and OtterBox, basically the top tier when it comes to ultimate device protection.

So which is better, and which is really worth spending your money on? Here, we'll pit Griffin against OtterBox, and compare either label's best Galaxy S4 cases against each other in a mobile accessories review that's all about the survival of the toughest.

Griffin Survivor Galaxy S4 Case

Griffin is definitely in the business of tough and durable cell phone carrying cases. And a couple of their more popular models are a testament to that. Their Survivor Galaxy S4 case is unapologetically over-engineered. Built with three separate protective layers – which include shatter-proof polycarbonate and shock-absorbing silicone – this Griffin Galaxy S4 case keeps your phone safe from shocks, bumps, drops, rain, sand, and debris.

In fact, it's been military tested and has even been shown to survive a 6-foot drop right onto concrete. Sounds pretty tough, huh?

OtterBox Defender Galaxy S4 Case

If you think Griffin's Galaxy S4 accessories could have no rival, that's because you haven't met the OtterBox Defender yet. Now available for Galaxy S4, this top-rated OtterBox carrying case bears a lot of the same features that make the Griffin Survivor so indestructible.

Like the Survivor, the OtterBox Defender boasts a triple-layer construction, with a tough polycarbonate shell, durable silicone skin and a clear, protective membrane that acts as a screen protector. It's also got a military-grade rating, having survived tests with harsh shocks and drops.

Weighing in:

So, if both Griffin's and OtterBox's Galaxy S4 cases meet military standards and boast three durable, protective layers, who's the winner?

Well, with two accessories so closely matched, it all comes down to the details. While the Survivor Galaxy S4 case is actually slightly cheaper than OtterBox's Defender, some may be willing to fork out the extra couple of bucks just for the color and pattern options offered in the Defender line.

Griffin's Survivor does come in tons of colors too, and even offers color combos. But most models are solid, whereas the Defender for Galaxy S4 comes in some wild motifs, like a standard camo and even a girly pink camo. And while the Survivor has sharper angles and edges, the Defender's got a more rounded look.

Both these accessories are a safe and solid bet, so the final verdict is really up to the individual user and their tastes and budget. But one thing's for sure, whether you go with Griffin or OtterBox carrying case, you're getting one of the best Galaxy S4 cases on the market, no question about it.